Since 2004, I have run a small charity project based around the simple principles that giving is healing, creating is healing, and altruistic giving makes the world a better place. Over the years this project has has many names, many logos, many websites, and many structures. With every major high and low in my life, this project has grown and shrunk with me, from large fundraising events to simple gift giving. To read more about all the things I've done with this project over the years, please read THE LONG STORY over on the blog. 


The concept is very simple. You nominate someone who is struggling and could use a small handmade gift with a handwritten letter. I make and send them something when I'm able. You benefit from knowing you've helped someone, they benefit from a genuine surprise in the post and an unexpected gift to lift their spirits, and I benefit from both being creating, and having facilitated two other people's happiness. 

More information can be found in the links below. I've sent hundreds of small gifts over the years to people with heavy hearts all over the world, please get in touch if you know someone who could use a little love.