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How does the process work?

You nominate someone to me. I contact you shortly after that, to let you know I got the details and to have a quick chat about the gift. I then make something, write a letter, and send it to your person. You're happier, I'm happier, they're happier, and that's it. Job done. 

Can I nominate someone overseas?
Yes, I've sent gifts all over the world.

Is it free?
Completely. There is a link to donate further down the page if you'd like, but it is not necessary and I don't ask for it. I ship small lightweight things to keep my costs down.

How do I nominate someone? 

There is a link HERE to the form, or use the button at the end of this page. I work full time as an artist, and I have a second job as well, so I need to keep things very organised. Only use the nomination form please, rather than contacting me any other way. 

Who can I nominate?

Only one person, and only one time. Anyone who needs a bit of love can be nominated, from a stressed out student, to a cancer patient, to a recently bereaved mother. I get a lot of requests so I can only help if you just nominate one person, I can't accommodate lists I'm afraid. 

Can I nominate myself? 
Nope! Sorry :) The whole backbone of this project is the idea that the act of giving is healing. This little system is designed to help three people with each nomination. You feel better for helping someone in a real and tangible way, I feel better for making something and being the go-between, and they feel better for getting a total surprise in the post. By participating in this, you're still playing the part of a giver. A facilitator, perhaps. And I promise... there is joy in giving. Getting that message out is really important to me. 

How long does it take?

That sort of depends. I have a few kids, a few jobs, and only so much energy. I take good care of myself, so I work these gifts around all of that. When you contact me to nominate someone I'll give you a rough idea of what to expect though, and of course it will take more time if I'm making something from scratch although I often have a little stash of things I can choose from as well.

What sort of gifts do you send?

Things that are small and easy to post. Small paintings, embroideries, necklaces, things like that. Everyone also gets a little handwritten letter.

Can I request a specific kind of gift for someone? 

Kind of. I do my best to accommodate special requests, and can talk to you about this when you send a request in. If there is a particular colour, or animal, or theme that might be very special to your person, I can try to incorporate that, just let me know. However, I do all of this for free and so I need to work within the confines of what I've got on hand, and how much energy I have. I'm keen to make gifts a bit personal when I can though, so I do try. This all gets worked out via email after you nominate your person. 

How can I help? 

This service is free, but sometimes people are adamant about helping out with the cost of materials and postage. If you'd like to help towards those costs, there is a PayPal link here.


In the past, I've accepted small pieces of arts and crafts from other artists and makers, to help when I have more nominations than I can easily manage. I'm currently making everything myself, but if I open back up for donations I will have the process laid out here on the website.

Do you keep any information or details?

No. I don't keep anyone's name, address, or any details whatsoever, and I don't ever contact anyone aside from when I post them their gift. There are no newsletters, no emails, nothing like that.

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