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NOTE: This 55 card Oracle Deck was successfully funded on Kickstarter, finished in October 2023, reaching 100% funding in less than 48 hours. Copies will be made available to purchase for the general public once Kickstarter decks have been posted, and they will be in the shop when ready. Description is below. 

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  • Card size: 89mm x 146mm (roughly 3.5in x 5.75in)

  • High quality, thin, flexible stock, ideal for shuffling and very durable despite the flexibility. If you have normal playing cards at home, that's the sort of ”feel” you can expect. 


  • Full colour, high quality tuck box containing 55 cards plus a brief Guide printed on 2 additional cards

  • Cards all have the same backs, the fronts are beautiful nature-based scenes featuring one or more of my Creatures and a single word prompt. Card backs will be shown in the ”Updates” tab, along with descriptions and deep-dives into some of the cards

  • Brief descriptions of the cards will be included in the pack, along with gentle guidance on how you might get the best use from the deck

  • These include sticker packs, a digital download, gifting a box to a stranger, extra boxes for yourself, and a hand-chosen crystal
    Campaign add-ons are available when you purchase a deck through the Kickstarter campaign, not afterwards

  • You can choose to purchase a deck for a stranger, with or without getting one for yourself. These are given to people who have approached me, or have been directed to me, who would love a deck but financial barriers prevent it

  • Printing will commence in October with decks being posted in late October, to November

  • Shipping within the UK is free, for other countries there is an £8 shipping charge added

  • Wholesale prices are available, please message me here or email me for prices :

This 55 card oracle deck has been designed to support the personal wellness journeys of those who use it. Oracle decks can be a wonderful aid to meditation, or used as a way to spark deep conversations with yourself and others. They can be used in divination, or to provoke a new perspective on a situation that feels stuck. They are perfect for aiding reflection, and for journaling. You can choose a card at random and study what it means to you at that time, or you can choose one on purpose that you'd like to reflect with. Similar to Tarot decks, the internet is filled with creative, insightful ways to use these sorts of decks, and this deck can fit in perfectly with whatever method you use.

In our complicated, modern lives we often seek guidance, but immediately bypass the one person who could help us the most. Our own Selves. We assume other people know better, we presume our instinct is defective, or maybe we just forget our own power sometimes. I am a firm believer that our true inner voice, our sincere, spirit-filled intuition, deserves more air time in our heads. In my own little way, this deck is designed to help you connect with your Self, and to initiate a conversation with your deepest knowledge. Nature also plays a huge role in this deck. I believe deeply in the magic of the Earth, and how much we can learn from her, and that even without knowing it we tap into that energy every day. This deck adds to that energy.

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