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Layers upon layers

It is important to note that I have no idea what I'm doing.

When I first thought of this project my immediate concern was "who will help me", and then the more I thought about it I thought I'd just wing it and see if I could do it completely by myself. I've already been wrong on that account, in that I had Pete from Sounds Plus Roadhouse here in Bury St. Edmunds help me get the guitar apart in the first place, and he suggested some ways I might get the paint off. I naively thought I could just sand it down.

Nope. No I can not just sand it down. So I've learned how to use Goo. It's called something else but it is essentially toxic green slime.

In removing the paint, I remembered the origin of this body. The red bits are remnants of the original colour. Andy bought this in 2012 as a very cheap, damaged body on ebay to experiment with. He wanted to see if he could build a guitar from parts, and didn't want to waste money on a nice body just in case he couldn't repaint it.

So he stripped it (and let me tell you, I wish I'd paid more attention to that process), and repainted it the creamy colour. Those little red bits remind me of its first story, the cream reminds me of the second story, and of course I'm now in the process of the third incarnation for this cheapy built body made of a mish-mash of wood.

It will take me another day or two to finish the paint removal, and then I've got a bit of damage I need to figure out what to do with (the part he fixed... which suited being painted over but doesn't suit pyrography) - and then the art.

This is all being done to raise money for HOPE, which is a suicide bereavement charity, because suicide is what took Andy from me. To make an outright donation, or to buy a £10 ticket to win this guitar, please visit my Fundraiser Page.

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