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The 2022 Guitar

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Here are some progress photos,, with a bit of explanation after the photos...

The first change I had to make was the body. The original guitar body, when it got stripped down, was found to be a heap of garbage. In fact, I remembered that's why Andy bought it. He wanted a cheap piece of nonsense that he could strip back and repaint - just to see if he could do it. I'd forgotten that until I started going through the many layers of paint... and then all the damaged layers of glued together wood underneath.

The body will become another piece of art in the future, but for this project I needed to buy a new one. Which I did. The neck is still Andy's though, so it remains a collaboration from beyond the grave between us. :) Working on this body has been difficult. The wood itself is temperamental, with very soft bits resting near very hard bits, making it difficult to be consistent. Working around the horns, and on the edges, has proven to be much harder than I anticipated - but the end result is still exactly what I'd envisioned.

I'd like to do another guitar one day with this half finished, creeping vine sort of feel to it... but this one will still be covered in full. The date of the event has had to be moved due to Covid, but that gives me a bit more time to finish this at a slower pace as well. Over 30 hours in so far, and may more to go.

Edited to add: I never got around to another update. the guitar was finished, and raised over £1,300 for Hope, a local suicide bereavement charity. Here we’re the final photos of the body.

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