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This sweet little 50 card deck is a simple, fun, bright, but still very meaningful way to connect to your own intuition and to bring insight into your own wellness practice. The deck comes in a rigid box, is a standard tarot size, and includes a book with a full page description of each card, some sample text is included below. This deck works as a companion to Everybody's Tarot (currently sold out), or on its own. Below are 3 example texts from the guidebook (with some fine print at the end):



The potato reminds us that our value doesn’t change according to how productive we are. The potato doesn’t believe in the grind, and it doesn’t over achieve. The potato knows there’s a time and place for hustle, and a time and place for doing nothing at all.The potato is an amazing little vegetable capable of a ridiculous amount of uses. Like the potato, we are also capable of an extraordinary amount of things. But just because we CAN do everything, doesn’t mean we need to. Rest isn’t something you earn, it is something you need in the same way that you need to breathe.You do not lose your value as a human being if you stop being productive. Your goodness is not conditional. You are valuable when you’re busy, just as you are valuable when you’re on the sofa staring into space.



Adding meaningful ritual into your life doesn’t have to be fussy. You can have the smoke, the crystals, and the ceremony if that suits you of course… but you can also just have quiet time in the morning with a hot drink.Remember that meaningful practices don’t have to be based on anyone else’s standards or rules. You’re allowed to make stuff up. In fact, the rituals you create will be more personal and perhaps even more meaningful.Ritual is a good way to bring mindfulness and meaning to your day. A hot drink and an affirmation. Your shower routine. Lighting a candle and making a wish. Quiet time with crochet. Drawing. You can bring soft, every day habits and routines into your spiritual life by adding mindfulness and intentions to whatever you’re doing.



Beauty is subjective, and what we consider beautiful changes as our life unfolds. Our personal prism of beauty will expand and contract depending on how our life unfolds, and so it is good to remind ourselves that there is no one true reflection of Beauty. It changes, as everything does. Meeting a new person or visiting a new landscape can open our eyes to whole new meanings of the word.How can you bring more beauty to your situation? Spending more time in nature, being creative, new books, or spending more time with something you love? Or perhaps something deeper like nurturing self-love, making sure self-talk is compassionate, or gently constructing healthy boundaries. Our options are endless, in the same way beauty is.


The Fine Print: You will be notified via email from my website when your parcel ships. To purchase tracking, please add Tracking as a separate item in your basket, which is available in the main shop page. Returns and refunds only for damaged products. Items are sent Royal Mail at UK first class rates or International Standard (unless tracking is purchased separately). Orders are usually dispatched within 5-7 days. All items are packed using recycled, recyclable, or compostable products where possible. However, I also reuse less eco-friendly packaging that I come across, such as bubble wrap, rather than binning it.

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