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Six of Pentacles: No Begging

This is another post about one of my tarot cards, in this case the Six of Pentacles, and why they stray so much from traditional imagery you often see in tarot decks. In fact, my artwork is absolutely nowhere near the traditional imagery on this one, and I’d like to share my reasons for that. I’ve made 2 tarot decks now, Creatures Tarot and Everybody’s Tarot, and even though both take a lot of creative liberty with this card, I believe they actually still ring very true to the core message of the card.

Essentially, in a card meant to be about giving, generosity, charity, and balancing finances… I think there is no room anymore for out-dated begging imagery. Not only does it feel outdated, it feels completely contrary to the positive aspect of the card to me.

It is hard enough to ask for help, it is hard enough to accept it, and there really is no shame in needing money. We should not have to be on our knees to receive these gifts, there should be nothing condescending about it. This card is about the kindness of generosity, of charity, of balance. When trying to release myself from the traditional artwork, I asked myself what balance felt like. When needing and having are right where they should be. And I kept thinking about meditation… about the place in our minds where we go and we can find acceptance with how things are. So that's what I drew.

In my first tarot deck, I focused on the balance aspect too. I mean… that's what charity is. That's what generosity and giving do… they balance those With and those Without. Things are made well and equal. And so in that deck, I represented it with scales.

Making ourselves even more vulnerable to rejection and shame, when we are already in need, is part of what makes asking for help so hard. It takes a problem and, because of the societal shame involved with low finances, makes it even more problemmy. Problemier. Problematic… there we go. And I for one, over time, would like to see less greed, judgment, and arrogance from the giving community, and less shame, embarassment, and kneeling from the receiving community. My tarot cards are only a teeny, tiny part in contributing to that vibe that I’d like to see in the world, but all contributions matter. I may not be able to give you money, but I can give you a different perspective, and we all know it only takes a little nudge sometimes for larger, more beautiful things to happen.

As always, thank you for being here, for reading, and for your support.

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