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Guided Gifting

In 2007, I started a small charity project based around the simple idea that giving is healing. I lost my mother to cancer while I was 6 months pregnant, and just 2 weeks later nearly lost both my son and myself in a traumatic premature birth. While he was in the NICU for a few weeks, and I began my first dizzying steps into the world of grief, I came up with the idea for this programme.


Over the years this project has had many names, many logos, many websites, and many structures. With every major high and low in my life, this project has grown and shrunk with me, from large fundraising events to simple gift giving. I've also taken a break from it at times, when my energy needed to be more focused on myself.


I can help you make someone feel better.

The concept is very simple. You nominate someone you know, someone who is struggling and could use a small handmade gift with a handwritten letter. I make and send them something as a surprise, usually a small painting, drawing, or some other little craft. You feel better knowing you've helped them, they feel better getting an unexpected handmade gift in the post, and I feel better from both being creating, and having facilitated two other people's happiness.


Everybody wins. 

There are a few guidelines, but it really is basically that simple. I've sent hundreds of small gifts over the years to people with heavy hearts all over the world, so please get in touch if you know someone who could use a little love. Please read the FAQ below, and use the Nominate Someone button to make a request. 

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