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Beautiful, nature-based, human-free, intuitive... Creatures Oracle is a simple, oversized oracle deck that encourages your inner voice to be your best guide. This is an expanded edition of the popular, sold out original. 


  • 65 cards (10 more than the first edition)
  • Rigid box with new box cover (featuring the Listen card)
  • 100+ page perfect bound book with expanded meanings 
  • Cards are still oversized, at just shy of 4in x 6 in
  • New richer coloured card backs
  • New card stock. This printing brings Creatures Oracle in line with the print quality of Creatures Tarot. The cards are now slightly less flexible and thicker, and have more rounded corners. The two sister decks now have the same feel in your hand. 


In our complicated, modern lives we often seek guidance, but immediately bypass the one person who could help us the most. Our own Selves. We assume other people know better, we presume our instinct is defective, or maybe we just forget our own power sometimes. I am a firm believer that our true inner voice, our sincere, spirit-filled intuition, deserves more air time in our heads. In my own little way, this deck is designed to help you connect with your Self, and to initiate a conversation with your deepest knowledge. Nature also plays a huge role in this deck. I believe deeply in the magic of the Earth, and how much we can learn from her, and that even without knowing it we tap into that energy every day. This deck adds to that energy.



Creatures Oracle


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