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PLEASE NOTE: Because I am fulfilling my Creatures Tarot decks at the moment, please expect a delay in receiving this. Your order can be expected to ship in May, you can follow updates on my social media. 


This is the 2nd Edition printing of the Sold Out Everybody's Tarot.


Designed to be accessible, bright, simple, and intuitive, this deck honours the deep traditions, archetypes, and symbolism of the Tarot while being refreshingly open, simple, and easy to read. 


  • 80 cards, the 78 Rider Waite inspired cards with 2 bonus cards (Peace and Magic).
  • Card images in the listing include the Home & Gratitude cards. These were for the 1st Edition only. This deck's bonus cards are Peace & Magic.
  • This 2nd edition is being reprinted at a new printer to allow for rigid boxes. Shipping estimated for 23 January 2023.
  • Deck also includes a small stapled booklet with simple explanations for each card. 
  • Rigid box
  • Cards are thinner than most traditional Tarot, made the same as regular playing cards to be more flexible. 
  • Standard 70mx120m size


Please visit the CONNECT page on this website to join the newsletter or Facebook group, to keep up to date with the production process. You will receive a fulfillment email once your deck is shipped. 


Why I Made This Deck: This deck was my first Tarot design. My relationship with Tarot began very, very slowly and with a lot of frustration. Despite feeling called to it, every time I began looking into it I'd feel overwhelmed and would stop. There was too much to memorise, it felt like there was so much to get "wrong", and it just seemed impenetrably complicated. It felt more like a barrier to insight than a path.  So I decided to make this deck for myself, as part of my own study. Using multiple websites and books for reference, I tried to distil the complicated, symbol-rich cards into their simplest essence, and to reach the uncomplicated core of what each card meant to me. When I began sharing these with my art group on Facebook, I saw very quickly that I wasn't the only one needing this style of deck. I very quickly realised that I could open up an intuitive path for people, one I had found filled with obstacles. Instead of moaning that I wasn't finding Tarot study accessible, I could just do it myself, in a way that genuinely opens doors and allows people of all sorts to see themselves and their paths in the cards.

Everybody's Tarot

  • Returns or refunds are only accepted in the case of damage to the box or cards. Contact me directly at if your item is faulty, to discuss arrangements. 

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