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In May 2022, I started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a tarot deck. My relationship with Tarot began very, very slowly. It felt like there was too much to memorise, it felt like there was so much to get "wrong", and it just seemed impenetrably complicated. It felt more like a barrier to insight than a path.  So I decided to make this deck for myself, as part of my own study, but it quickly became a project to share. The project was fully funded after only 10 days, and has seen a reach far greater than I was ever expecting. 

There are 100 cards in this deck, which includes 2 bonus cards and a 20 card booster deck that can be used with the deck, or separately as oracle cards. This first printing is the ONLY opportunity to get all 100 cards, all future reprints will not include the 20 card deck exclusive to this launch. There will be a very limited number of decks available for purchase after the campaign ends, via my website.

The campaign ended Saturday the 26th of June, at 255% funded. LIMITED COPIES ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN MY SHOP.  

You can still read the original kickstarter campaign, along with updates about the making of the deck, here:

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